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This is the always-on, multi-screen, multi-tasking, opt-out generation. The on-demanders, the show-me-laters, the I’ll-choose-what-I-want-to-see-and-hear-when-I’m-good-and-ready’ers.

Being noticed by consumers today is tough. Let alone making sure you’re in the right place at the right time to capture their hearts and minds right at that point of purchase.

Consumers have the power to completely ignore you. So much now rides on telling your story in new ways. Ways that make your audience the hero, not you. Ways that let them see themselves in your story more than ever before.

Advertising can no longer rely solely on trying to be disruptive. Brand stories must now be so deftly told, that those who don’t want to be disturbed or interrupted are actually the ones wanting to choose to see, hear and share them.

‘Digital’ and ‘social’ are enmeshed with our daily lives like never before and will continue to grow. Formats and channels will continue to evolve. What will always remain, no matter what, are the things that still really matter in appealing to other human beings. The things that have always really mattered – message, emotion, relevance and engagement.

Why are these so important? Well, because the right message, the right idea, the right story, will work anywhere. In print, online, in video, fresh out of an envelope in the post on a Saturday morning. Get it right; say the right thing at the right time in the right way, and you’ll have hearts poppin’ like hot, salty buttered popcorn on a Saturday night.

Consumers’ hearts are rarely really won by medium, format or channel. Moreover, they’re captured by the emotion and relevance of the message to that particular moment of their life. Get it, and suddenly you’re in their life; fitting in perfectly to that moment – and readying yourself to fit in perfectly to many more. A good customer journey, relies on a good narrative. Even native advertising – the sponsored, targeted, in-feed advertising dressed-up as ‘content in disguise’ – lives or dies on narrative. Lack that narrative thread, and you’re soon forgotten in the minds of your buyers – and suffering the consequences of being turned off, flicked passed, or screwed-up and binned.

Well-written words win wars. They fill your customer journey with energy. Make it pop. They help you engage and educate your audience; forging all important emotional connections, humanising your brand, influencing the decision-making process, and encouraging long-term customer loyalty.

A good story, beautifully crafted, captivating, emotional, valuable and consistent is something special. It stays, it stimulates, it slices through the noise. That’s not selling, that’s seduction, and that’s the power of well-written copy.

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